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tournament overview

Results provided by
Rich Montoya, Tournament Director

From the onset, James was determined to prove that he is among the best in the Denver area; as if he and the Alieneighter came down from another planet. The winner break format worked to his advantage as he broke and ran out on several occasions, changing the outcome of almost every match to his favor.

He squeaked out his first match by beating heavily favored Derek Skonecki by striking out the last 3 frames to win (201-188). Then he caught a gear and beat Brian Krapes (211-192). He did not allow Brian to get to the table as much as he would have liked. Pom Rai, a highly regarded player from the Ft. Collins area, was his next opponent.

The outcome was the same as his run out capabilities came into play again and he bested Pom (191-179). Andy Benefiel, a regular customer at Hank’s Billiards, was shut out by James (210-169). Again his run out capabilities came into play. In the hot seat match, he spotted Al Montoya one game going to six and he showed his experience by buckling down and giving out lessons. James won the hot seat (189-167). In the finals, he again beat Andy Benefiel (172-154) to capture his first Stay In Stroke event. Congratulations James!

Other top players from the Denver area that deserve a round of applause are Warner Kingsbury (7th), Rich Montoya (8th), Brian Bogart (5th), as always Dave Mondragon (6th), Ray Padilla who always competes at his best (4th) and Al Montoya (3rd). Also, an honorable mention goes to top lady Terry Duncan — one match out of the cash! Thanks to Hank’s Billiards for the added money ($300.00) and for reconfiguring and reclothing the tables. Thanks also go out to the staff at Hanks for taking care of the players all day and to Joshua Ramey for the excellent photos 720-333-2978. Do not forget our Sponsors: Randy Ethridge Custom Cues and Repairs 303-921-0772 and Dale James Custom Chalk Holders 720-280-8759.

Please support our local billiard industry, read the Cue Times Billiard News, buy a cue stick, give a lesson, and invite someone new to play this wonderful sport!


tournament details

Date: 09/12/2011
Room: Hank’s Billiards


tournament results

Place Name Handicap Home Room State Amount
1st James Fortin 12 Love Shack CO $300.00
2nd Andy Benefeil 16 Hank’s CO $200.00
3rd Al Montoya 56 Hank’s CO $110.00
4th Ray Padilla 19 Rack ‘Em CO $90.00
5th Brian Bogart 41 Love Shack CO $40.00
6th Dave Mondragon 25 Felt CO $40.00
7th Warner Kingsbury 64 Rack ‘Em CO $30.00
8th Rich Montoya 34 Hank’s CO $30.00