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Top Gun Allstars is the culmination of the Top Gun series for each session where the top finishers from three tournaments are invited to battle it out with the crème de la crème. A tremendous showing of forty nine (49) players made for a Great Event to test each and every one of these top players.

It became obvious very early who to keep an eye on. Amy Wilson (147) having lost only 4 games in her first four matches was now facing Ken Schmidt (164) who was even smoother losing only 2 games in his first four sets and on the top of the board was one of the pre-tournament favorites, Nelson Montierth (176) also losing only 2 games in his four matches against Dave Berger (182) who was moving along very well winning tree double hill matches and then picking it up some “spanking” Ted Koerselman (168) in his fourth match 189 – 167. Nelson bested Dave double hill while Amy won four straight against Ken to play in the winner’s side finals. It was a well fought match going double hill once again before Nelson was able to close the door and seize the “hot seat” to await a challenger from the elimination side.

Meanwhile it is Eric Andrychow (192) and Mike Campbell (188) working their way through the back side to face Dave and Ken respectively and then it was Mike vs. Eric to face Amy for a shot at the trophy. Amy played well though Eric was not to be denied his shot at the Championship besting her 197 – 166. Now back on the front side Eric finds himself needing to beat Nelson two straight sets in this true double elimination format event, quite a feat against one of the most productive tournament players in the state. Eric wins the first game after some back and forth play and then is similar style Nelson takes the next two games. In game 4 there is a tremendous “mo” shift to Nelson when Eric makes the 7/10 split of turn giving Nelson a two game lead. It appears Eric now starts to feel the pressure when in frame 5 he runs down to the 10 pin and then misses. Nelson now goes into his “weaving – dodging & bobbing” mode and eventually racks this game up to get on the hill and then as it so often happens slams the door on Eric with a break and run to claim the Bronze Eagle. Great tournament gentlemen it was a pleasure to watch.


tournament results

Place Name Handicap Home Room State Amount
1st Nelson Montierth 30 Bit of Billiards CO $305.00
2nd Eric Andrychow 16 Mirage Sports Bar CO $200.00
3rd Amy Wilson 56 Mirage Sports Bar CO $110.00
4th Mike Campbell 19 Chipper Lanes CO $70.00
5th/6th Ken Schmidt 41 Mirage Sports Bar CO $25.00
5th/6th Dave Berger 25 Rack ’Em CO $25.00